Your thoughts on UK rap


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With the UK player base being fairly small on the server and with American hip hop/rap etc dominating the charts up until quite recently, I thought it'd be quite interesting to see what your thoughts are on UK rap seeing as the majority of you are American, have a listen, share your views.

These are just a few examples of what the UK has to offer:

Being from the UK, grime is quite strong in my area so it all sounds normal to me but the American hip hop/rap stuff sounds really weird, can't really say I like it.

Here are some bangers:

Haha, Last summer all I heard at festivals was essentially Stormzy, Skepta and Solo45 on repeat.
I once stage managed an event with Stormzy, he drank a whole bottle of jack did a really shit 20 minute set and practically threw himself off the side of the stage.
Solo45 also just walked off stage because the organisers booked him too early so no one was there and he just fucked off.

Not a fan of grime and rap myself but I wont tell people to turn it off.