Will ExiledRP ever come back?

Honestly make stuff a little easier to get (props and what not) also less burnable. That way basing is less expensive and less of a gamble. Make things more fun (cheaper). One of the most successful servers I played, everyone was packing at all times (n00bonic plague).

This way people are less angry when they lose a gun. Basers will be more willing to set up another base, and raiders will be more willing to raid. More fun for everyone! We all got lives now.

We're all gettin in our early/late twenties. We don't really have time to base 15 hours a day like we used to just to get 50k in one day. Make things a little more fast paced.
I agree to some extent.. weapons shouldnt be cheaper though, or very much. Part of the excitement was getting weapons from people you killed. Was a very rewarding feeling.
I've been looking into this server for awhile now, after Mixxed King made a video on it and i'm wondering if it will ever be back up? (Assuming it isn't up right now)