Will ExiledRP ever come back?

I really miss ExiledRP regardless of its flaws I still really enjoyed the gamemode. Is there any chance of it coming back? I just am sad its gone and completely dead.
its not ....dead but plenty of people played, but got tired of being raided so much. It was really hard to make money, and people mostly ended up broke..
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El Jameo

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If I could just find the book on "How to learn Lua in 20 minutes" I'd probably give it a shot. No such luck tho.

It wasn't on the same shelf as "How to learn mapping in 5 minutes".
I'm going trough a nostalgia crisis, decided to look up stuff about old communities, now I'm even more sad than before because I missed the release last year.
We should arrange some sort of date that some people get onto the server, may attract some new players and have the server running again..