Whyd you put the keys up on the table? I wanted to.

Super happy, non toxic Sass ideas from your favorite non promo, L.

1. A Start button. Someone presses E on it, the countdown starts

2. A bigger text for the name of the map, so people can see it without having to run onto the pad and accidently get sucked into a game ( seen it happen twice ) ( irrelevant problem with a start button)
2a. if two people step on a pad for 1 second then they run off, someone can still get sucked into the game by running on the pad 7 seconds later.. needs to be fixed.

3. Another siege weapon. A ram. Something with similar functions as catapult except close range.

4. Another aerial unit. Scallywags are garb. A helicopter/unit drop off is prob the #1 idea ive heard.

5. You used to be able to break alliances. Bring that back except make it a mutual agreement between the team for it to happen.

6. Remove allowance of shrine abilities to harm your own allys (bombard, gravitate)

7. Give units a little more brains (This is probably hard to do, just gonna leave it here though)

8. The rules are clunky can easily be narrowed, same with explanation of the game by the vendor