What's up with raiding?

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Hey, guys, I can be seen as quite a nuisance player, but this has to be brought into the light.

Anytime I am online, let it be with my friends, or alone. It seems that a group of 3 or more players will come raid people that are just growing small amounts of Shrooms or Weed. I just do not understand why it seems to be so easy to just be raided all the time. I suspect this is why new players shy away from the server. They join seeing the server is quite custom and well thought out, but as soon as they buy a house or apartment and plant down some weed, a group of 4 people, fully armed to the brim with AK-47s and other rifles will shoot this person down. This leads players to lose money, then they do not want to play on the server anymore.

This has happened to me, my friends, and many other players that play on this server. It just seems the server is not balanced economically, or it is just too easy to raid or to get raided.

Maybe I am just ranting, but it is terrible to have little to no money, 5 pots, 5 seeds, 1 single pistol, and then 4 people with Rifles kill you in an instant. With this being said, how is one suppose to obtain Rifles, if they can never obtain Money?

I really enjoy this server, I have been banned many times, but I really enjoy the server, the way it is setup, how it runs, and just the atmosphere on the server, but I do not see why after some players put in hours of work, this can be gone within minutes of a group of players raiding you.

I do not want to come off of a player that is just "bitching", but I really had to bring this into the light.

TL;DR: I do not find it fair that very large players mow down new players. That may be the cause of the server not seeing more players.


It's certainly an issue, but what is the solution. We have a few threads already dedicated to this problem. I would recommend you bring your thoughts there so we can keep things organized.
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