We're back!

I have been playing on Exiled. And i freaking love it. It was so sad when you closed the server down. And i thought it was for good. But now here you are with your own built up perp alike gamemode and i will see forward to be playing on your servers again so much. Thanks for putting all this hard work in. And thank god for not begin a Sell-out about your new gamemode. Love ya devs keep doin the do <3

I used to have such shit FPS. I can't wait to build this cancer again with all the clocks was fun. Although I expect there to be a rule about it as soon as you all remember the aids that it was.
HOLY shit gyz nice to know you gyz started back the awsome server :D be sure to seee me and meowing_cat again gotta get those base back up !!!
oh man this is amazing. really bringing back memories

i hope nobody remembers the cringy little shit that i was back then