Taking damage in vehicles

I think the system of cars being shot at / beat should be changed a bit. The fact that anyone in a car can be mobbed by people with bats and die to it while the car stays intact doesnt make much sense to me. I think bats shouldnt be able to kill somone in a car, or any melee wep for that matter. I think that you should be able to take damage when your car is being shot, but a heavily reduced amount. I can run from cops for ages in my hummer because when they shoot the car, I take no damage, only the car does. Maybe an alternative to this would be to implement spike strips for cops (which could be heavily abused, i know. but maybe make them disappear after affecting one car) or making it so when cars are shot, the passengers take damage too (all passengers as to force cops to try and rp a hostage scenario or avoid killing innocent civs) or just the driver.


Vehicle damage is currently in the state of "it works". It's far from perfect, and the issue is mainly how the Source engine distributes damage inflicted to vehicle passengers. Damage coming to a vehicle is divided by some ridiculous factor, and then multiplied by another different factor to each passenger in the car.

Even if you directly inflict damage to a passenger, bypassing the car, Source will send the damage to the vehicle if the player is a passenger, and the loop continues.

If you could see the code that I had to put together to get what we have now, you would probably throw up. But yes, it is on the list of things to tweak.