[Suggestion] VIP Skill limit increase

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Pretty self-explaining... :p

By purchasing VIP your skill limit should increase by one along with other limit increases you get.
Honestly, I think the skills shouldn't benefit from VIP. Not because I'm A dick, but because the perk system is meant to work in A way so you can't just Know everything... The realism, is that everybody has their own Strength's and weakness. Or even balance the skills as A Jack of all Trades, but you don't get the best weapons... Nor the worst. Which in my opinion is cool!

And this is why Organisations are Invented!

It should be encouraged , that players should have different roles/jobs and use their perks to help benefit other players to A cause, rather than just... Themselves. So if you give VIP's more Skill points. The Whole Team aspect will go down. (Such as one guy is Dedicated to make AK's, and the other on Lockpicks which creates a more realistic and personally for me, Fun Experience)

That's just my thoughts. :D
Increasing the skill limit would allow you to craft more items which in turn would hurt players and make shops useless.


Server Administrator
^ You wouldn't have to buy anything because you could craft it at stock price.
^ You wouldn't have to buy anything because you could craft it at stock price.
I get that, but that doesn't nessesary hurt the player.. Saving money by making things myself doesnt hurt me, or anyone else that can do it.


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It may not directly hurt any individual who has more skills, but it hurts the shop owners.
The current skill/crafting system seems pretty nicely balanced around the current cap. You can make a good assortment of items as to where is doesn't feel like a waste, but still having to go elsewhere to fulfill all your needs. As stated in the previous post the specialization within groups of players created by the limit adds more to the game than what having an extra point on VIP could possiibly take away. Anything that promotes people to rely and play with others on the server is a good thing imo.