Steam friends ruining the game

Bunch of people were in the server today and refused to play with me in the game. They said they only wanted to play with each other and tried to get me to leave several times. One of them using his mic, yungtwig (STEAM_0:0:43276049), threaten me, told me to kill myself, and called me racial slurs and derogatory names just because I wouldn't leave the lobby. He also did this to another guy who was also in the server with me and pissed him off; I have a demo of him doing this. After that they would pretend to start games with me and the other dude on the platform, and as soon as the game starts they all would DC back into the lobby and join their own game.

When I actually did play a game with them they just teamed up against me and attacked me with 7 armies at once:

I hope you guys fix this problem because these people are completely out of control and are bullying people until they leave the server. It's seriously painful to watch.
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Server Administrator
This won't fix the "bullying" issue, but I've reduced the required number of players to start a game to 3 (instead of raising it to a max of 5 if there are enough players) until there are more active players on the server to justify raising it to 5, which may fix some issues that currently exist. Other than that, there isn't a lot we can do about people being toxic, especially in-game, other than warning or banning them. I'll try to spend some time on the server and deal with it if I see it. The only thing that you can actively do to avoid those people is to find a way to get more players onto the server so their actions aren't as relevant.