Should a certain event take place where a lot of people gather and play some exiled?

This gamemode was truly my favorite and was the reason i kept play gmod, and now its dead, basically theres a fuck ton of reasons why this server is dead but can we have some sort have a event where people gather and play some exiled.
So on my list of future things to do, I have:
Farming, gambling/casino, bank robberies, fishing, a third drug (maybe ish), and some more civilian criminal activities that aren't drug related. There will be an emphasis on using NPCs to generate these things.
Cooking food may come one day when there is an RP necessity for it, like if you own BK, but there's no place for it now. Not without farming
any of these ideas would bring me back, there hasn't been any updates recently at all. I know there's no playerbase to test these ideas on but it would at least be nice to get some word on some kind of update any time soon.

El Jameo

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Sad buggered off.
Phantom might still be kicking but I haven't heard anything from him (then again, I haven't been on Steam in ages).
I personally haven't opened Hammer in fuck knows. Also just doing life shit right now.

It was a mistake opening the server so early. We relied on the nostalgia and that bloody worked for a short while but with nothing to expand into, it was easy to foresee the server being dead within a short space of time. I have no motivation to open up Hammer right now. I don't think anyone has the motivation to do anything.

Shame really, but it might be picked up in the future. Then again, where have we heard that one before?