Sell back grace periods for NPC shop items

Currently, if you buy an item from an NPC that item will immediately lose its store value and can only be sold back for half price. This is rather annoying because if you are in a hurry and accidentally purchase the wrong item, you will have lost money equivalent to half of that items store value.

This can be a big problem especially for new players if they accidentally buy a crafting table or cash register and lose 5k all because of one accidental click. I think that there should be a grace period where items can be sold back for full price to the NPC that they were purchased from. This period should be around a minute.

I know there will be concerns that people may pull stunts like buy a stove, place it down, craft a few lockpicks, and sell the stove back for full price. To combat this, I propose that once a purchased item is left clicked in the buyer's inventory, the grace period will immediately expire and the item cannot be sold back for full price.
Add items to cart and then hit buy at the end?
I guess it would help players work out the costs of making things and yes, help prevent mis clicking and buying 10 crafting tables instead of pots.