Sassilization Server


Server Administrator
We do indeed have a fully functioning Sassilization server, if anyone is curious as to what an RTS and mini-game type gamemode looks like in Garry's Mod and are bored of PERP or just looking for something new, try it out. For those who know what Sassilization is, and have played it before, get nostalgic and join up!


Server Administrator
^ Indeed, and I just made some recent performance optimizations with much more to come in the future. The game should run more smoothly now.


RTS gamemode with a medieval setting. You can form alliances on the fly with other players, and first one to wipe the enemy (or gain a significant economic edge) wins. It gets pretty crazy quick.
I'm having trouble getting in. It says "Missing map maps/lounge018.bsp" when connecting to the server.