Reward for raiding.

I've noticed that at 50% a weed plant is able to be picked up, whether it's just me or not but there doesn't seem to be any reward from picking it up, maybe a seed or two, and the pots?

When the weed is at 50% it should be able to picked up and still yield a random amount of weed from 0-5 but reward whoever picks it up with 0 seeds.

This makes raiding actually profitable and at the least reimburse the cost of lockpicks and ammo.

Obviously this couldn't be abused by people just picking their weed at 50% as there will be no return of seeds meaning they'll lose 1k worth of seeds.
imo, raiding is meant to be fun/challenging. As someone said in another post, raiding never was and never will be a good source of money. If they made the weed that way, there's probably a good reasoning behind it !