Personal Suggestions

Just stuff I've noticed the past few years, that might make things a little better.

-Returned Functionality to the VIP areas.
-Fix the weird bug when you sit on the chairs.
-Allow more control over when a match starts (having it set to 2+ is annoying with a group of 6)
-Put more maps in the rotation.
-Allow for more ways to win.

The map one and win methods especially. Maps like Tropical, Autom, Junkyard, Platforms, and Aztec in particular are all well made maps that are super fun to play, and aren't in the rotation. And winning is incredibly easy if you turtle and have more than 2 spells for a shrine. Having more ways to win, like killing everyone else's cities, or reaching some other sort of goal, would be a good way to spice up the gameplay, and create more strategy to the game.