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General Rules
  1. Do not randomly kill other players (RDM).

  2. Do not break the New Life Rule (NLR). NLR is when you interfere with events that happened before your death. You must wait 5 minutes after you respawn before you may return to the area of your death. You cannot be called back to the scene by your organization or by other members of your profession.

  3. Do not lock a door while someone is lockpicking it (lockspam). This includes spamming E (“use”) on a door to prevent players from opening it.

  4. When using a barricade, your head and shoulders must be visible at all times when shooting.

  5. Ramp barricades are not allowed, as they are easily hitboxed. All shooting platforms must be flat.

  6. Do not prop spam/push/block/shield/surf/kill.

  7. Do not use vehicles, players, or props to jump over walls or fences (prop climb) into a player's property. However, use of the world/map is permitted (lamps, hills, planters, etc).

  8. Do not exploit the map or gamemode in any shape, form, or fashion.

  9. Do not beg other players for money or goods.

  10. Do not intentionally kill other players with your car. Cars cannot be used as weapons.

  11. Do not metagame in any form. Metagaming is where you use the knowledge you have gained from an outside source other than your own gameplay. Also, talking about anything RP related in OOC is metagaming..

  12. Do not talk in all caps in OOC.

  13. Do not abuse the advertisement system (failverting).

  14. Civilians are not allowed in any circumstance to aid Officers in a raid, or apprehending a suspect. Civilians are only allowed to defend their own/shared properties with legal weaponry as stated by the current Mayor without repercussions.

  15. Do not break laws just to get attention from cops.

  16. You may assassinate the Mayor without being charged for RDM. But the actual assassination must be roleplayed. (Simply walking up and shooting him is not roleplaying and you will get banned.)

  17. Do not buy properties that you don't intend to use.

  18. Do not lock players into a place they cannot escape from. If it is a hostage situation it is fine, but do not simply lock a player in a room and leave.

  19. No hitmen or mugging of any kind.

  20. You must warn a player to leave before you shoot them on your property, with a sign or vocally. If they shoot at you first, you may return fire.

  21. Rifles and drugs are always illegal, no law made by the Mayor can change this.

  22. Do not randomly throw molotovs, they can only be used while raiding.

  23. Administrators have the final in any ruling.
Government Specific

  1. Do not randomly demote someone as a Mayor.

  2. Do not request a warrant for a fake reason or from proof gained by metagaming. (Ex: Seeing pot leaves through a wall would be metagaming)

  3. Only turn your lights/siren on when you are responding to an emergency.

  4. As a government employee, you may not use your job to: assist yourself, those in illegal activities, provide security for your organization/friends, save you/your organization's/your friends drugs or other contraband.

  5. Avoiding the government AFK kicker is a bannable offense, your account may be reset.

  6. The Mayor may not use civilian protection at any time.

  7. The Mayor may not give any person or group immunity to the law.

  8. Police are the only government job that can request warrants from the Mayor. If you see something, call the police.

  9. Medics and firemen must remain outside of a building being raided until the police have cleared the area.

  10. Medics and firemen may not assist in police chases, or otherwise use their vehicles to help police.
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