Multiple suggestions(:

1- A control board/menu somewhere in the lobby or when you join a sassilization game server. I played with a friend for 2 or 3 games and it took us more then a while to figure out how to spawn units and target/move them (with shift click). Also while in the sass game server, allowing universal microphone chat and an optional/alternate key for team chat.

2- A win condition board/menu also somewhere in the lobby or when you join a sassilization game server. For the same reason above after 3 games we still couldnt figure out how we were winning games. We guessed every node had to be filled or hit the gold cap. Leading to

3- Win condition. The win condition is currently 200g lead once someone hit 800g (i think). However, I played a 1v1 game when we had both conquered a respective half of the board, when my opponent destroyed 1 mere city of mine while i had just started building 3 other cities. at that moment, he had over 800g and i had only 500g, and the game ended. One could argue that the game was still fairly even and anyone could have taken the victory under other win conditions.

Under the condition that 3 is accepted as a problem. A solution would be

4- Net worth win condition- A win condition that works generally the same way, except instead of comparing a players current gold, it compares all net worth of a players units, buildings, and currently being built buildings. Some coding, and a net worth numerical formula would have to be devised to create a proper victory.
Edit: I understand that the win condition is set up to prevent games from drawing out, but I figure this formula should work the same way.
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I haven't played sazz but it sounds like 3 and 4 would ruin the real time aspect of the game.