More idea for sass that will never be aknowledged or accepted!

1. Make each server unique. For example, 800g win condition seems fair often. However, we cant argue that games end a little prematurely sometimes. But it works for 1v1 and anything higher than 800g victory, would make 1v1 ridiculous. So maybe we try different win conditions depending on the player size and/or server.
Idea. Make 1 server a 2-4 ppl player server. (smaller maps) 2 of the servers a 3-6 ppl server (med maps and all) and a 4-8 server. with the largest maps. Doesnt matter all that much if every server has every map, just a thought.
But even if we dont accept the 2-4, 2-6 players idea.

Just leave all servers the same, except make 1 an experimental server, where we can try things like this to see if they work!!

Phantom.. Just 1 experiment server please. Try new things!!!!!

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We need a new lobby map before we can add different gamemodes to the pads. The idea has already been thrown around and implemented before. We have a few gamemodes that we can play when a dev is on by request.

And a ready check system would be handy. @Jova


Nothing on here about it publically. But we have game modes with shared resources between members of alliances, different win conditions, unlimited resources, etc.