So obviously money is an issue, and has been as issue for a while.
Yes: hyper-inflation can be a problem, but it doesn't matter when no one is playing because they can't make money
Yes: Phantom i know you know money is an issue i'm just making a post for suggestions and to keep it all in one place

So what's the problem with the current income? (Based off of complaints of many posts/people and myself)

- No extra income
Possible Soln: Bring back unemployment checks, 50 dollars every 3 minutes is 1k an hour. It hurts a little less when you lose 4-5k+ of shit during a raid.

- Weed ain't shit
Possible Soln: Drop timer to 10 minutes, leave weed intake the current rate (or SLIGHTY decreased, NOT fully adjusted though)

- I can't seem to find molly
Possible Soln: Change mollies, raise gas can price back to 1250, or make the amount of gas cans to create it 2 instead of 1. Or just change fire (we hate this fire and it's sphericalness)

- Items are monies
Like, a lot of monies
Possible Soln: Idk, less monies (i don't have much to say for this, i personally don't have issues with em)

Possible Soln: MONEY IS FINE WITH THEM, people just don't like the timers and lack of spots to shroom


- Org cost
They fine

- Cars
Work for the shit u want, especially if weed is adjusted

- Shrooms
They aight money wise

Feel free to add suggestions/amend mine

Bad Santa

Server Administrator
Add meth.

Could Phantom check what the velocity of money is on the server and maybe graph/chart it over time? I have a feeling that it's pretty damn low right now and that it was pretty high while the server was thriving at launch.
Either re-add unemployment checks or add in more legal easy ways to make money that pays as much as unemployment checks.
Yeah theres very little ways to make cash. Drugs should usually be ALOT more profitable than they are now because they are illegal and raided for. Gov jobs make more money than weed per 15m its actually kinda sad.
Drop price of fire extinguisher? That would encourage people to defend more often? Weed should also definitely be more profitable for how hard it is. Gotta buy a building, buy guns, ammo, props and fire extinguisher to defend.