Last ban 17 days ago at time of posting this thread.

This is bad. You have a 10/10 game mode but you don't listen to the community.

Cars are too expensive, stuff is too expensive and too long to grind for. Ain't nobody got time for that.
Make the gamemode and the grind fair. Even the guys who nolifed it stop playing now. Do you think people want to play a game idling around?

What's the future plan here?

INB4 day ban to reset the last ban count ;)

El Jameo

Sack of Shit
Server Administrator
I'm busy with life shit, probs the same for the others. Personally I think we released way to early, but I guess with no players it gives us time to get back on track (when that happens).

Phantom's still kicking about in the shadows quite a fair bit doing coding related stuff I believe. Other than that I dunno what to say...

I need a shit?
Yeah i personally think most of the server population was banned for hax or other stupid shit too. Meh ill keep checking in on this place and paying vip even if its dead. Cant let that childhood die
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