Cop overhaul

After playing the server for a while both as a cop and a civilian I've come up with a few suggestions to overhaul the police job making it more balanced and in a sense more fulfilling.

Firstly would be the implementation of a police chief, the police chief would provide in a sense a safety layer for warrants, and demotions in terms of police members.

The role of the police chief should be simply to ensure that the police aren't fucktards. This would be done by not having the police chief cruise around like an average police officer, but instead be there when it's needed, requesting a warrant should first have to go through the police chief who can then put forward the suggestion for the mayor who can then decide whether to accept or reject the warrant (this could be implemented into the UI when mayor?) the same can also be done for the demotion of a police officer who is incapable of fulfilling his job.

An example of this would be:

- A 911 call is placed reporting drugs at suburbs house 3, police officers then arrive at the scene and claim to have seen drugs through a window. (At this point normally a warrant is instantly requested and given without hesitation or proof)
- The police chief would then be requested to the scene to verify whether there are in fact drugs and if there isn't viable proof he can dismiss the officers, but if there is he can request the warrant to be granted by the mayor. (This would also make it that the mayor can not grant a warrant without first having it suggested by the police chief, hence creating a second layer of safety preventing random warrants which can piss a lot of people off).

The police chief should be a role not camped by the first player who's able to grab it, but instead should be granted to a player via an election the same way the mayor is, and like the mayor, upon death the position becomes vacant again making it so the police chief can choose to participate in a raid for example and co-ordinate it from safety, or charge in but upon death, that's it, position gone and a new election is held for a replacement.

Secondly there should be an incentive to play as a police officer and rack up actual playtime as a police officer. Therefore, the longer a player is a police officer, the more perks they unlock.

For example:

2 hours play time as a police officer - the ability to restock ammo and armour at the police NPC

4 hours play time as a police officer - the ability to unlock 75% armour/ access to a new vehicle (?)

6 hours play time as a police officer - access to a shotgun and ammo

8 hours play time as a police officer - access to a mp5 and 100% armour (reskin to old SWAT texture(?))

10 hours play time as a police officer - access to an armoured police vehicle - choice of a SWAT van, or an armoured crown Victoria.

These are just examples and obviously whatever perks are earned would have to be balanced, most importantly you would still be a police officer, just a different tier of police officer (roleplay it however the fuck you want).

I personally feel that this would reward more veteran officers who's style of play on Exiled RP is to be a police officer, keeping the experience fresh and rewarding.

These are simply suggestions and can be taken as a base idea rather than what should actually be added, feel free to add changes, your own suggestions, or issues with any of what I have suggested.
SWAT should be vip only, people could just afk for it, then have a armored truck and a automatic.
I don't think SWAT should be a job, just different tiers of police officer, and as for afking a job I believe it's bannable (?) so I don't think that would be an issue.
SWAT should be vip only, people could just afk for it, then have a armored truck and a automatic.
Talk to the police NPC, then click on "what happened to the SWAT" then read !

As for the police chief, I like the idea but this would be a major change in the gameplay. Might be too big for now since the server is just starting.
I like the idea of a police chief, but more powerful weapons/armor/vehicles being gated through play time isn't the right approach imo. Perhaps if a Police Chief was actually implemented he could have limited resources he could delegate to officers after considering the situation at hand, but not sure of a way they'd earn these resources or how to prevent the chief from giving it all to his buddies. Just blabbering lol