Beginner's Guide

********************************Everything in the server is subject to change*************************************

Since we are in desperate need of some guidance for new players, I'm going to put together this little beginners guide, so we have somewhere to point the noobs to help them get started. Feel free to point out anything I miss and I'll add it in.

So first things first, in case you're unable to use your eyes, the game mode you're playing and trying to learn about is ExilednotsoseriousRP. A complete re-write of the game mode we all know and love PERP, built from the ground up by Phantom, Clearshot, and Sadistic.

There is no real objective, other than those one may self-impose. Many people earn money to buy a certain car and upgrade it, some make money to buy supplies for raiding. Just do what makes you happy as long it falls within the guidelines of the rules.

Speaking of the rules: Make sure you read them, it is your responsibility to know and understand what each rule entails. If not you may be punished/banned for something you aren't aware of.

You can make yourself familiar to the official rules here:

Now that we've got that out the way lets get into it!

When you load in to the server there are two things you'll always have equipped: The Gravity Gun and Keys.
The grav gun is used for positioning and freezing props and items. Right click to pick up props, left click while holding to freeze them.
The keys are used to lock/unlock doors owned by the player and/or anyone on their buddies list/organization. Right click to unlock, left click to lock.

There are also a few menus available through the F keys: Based on default key binds
  • F1 ("gm_showhelp") opens the help tab, which is where you access the skills, mixtures, settings, and more
    • Skills are needed to craft weapons and items
      • There are 5 categories in skills intelligence, dexterity, strength, stamina, and crafting. You start with one skill point which can be assigned at your discretion.
      • Skill points can be reassigned for a fee of 20K through a NPC at the Nexus.
      • Before assigning any points I'd recommend checking out mixtures and determining what you want to craft
    • Mixtures tell you what skill point requirments and materials will be needed to craft each item
  • F2 ("gm_showteam") opens the Organization tab
  • F3 ("gm_showspare1") accesses you're inventory
    • Left click to equip weapons/ammo and drop props to use
    • Right click to drop any item on the floor, BEWARE ANY PLAYER CAN PICK UP
  • F4 ("gm_showspare2") opens the Buddies tab
Important keys to know : Based on default key binds

Q ( +menu)
: Return any equip that is actively out to your inventory
T ("+voicerecord") : Local voice chat
C (+menu_context) : Government voice chat
Y("messagemode") : Local text chat
Once local chat is open a few different chats can be used by entering certain commands
// or /OOC : Out Of Character, chat for nothing game related
/A : Adverts, for a fee of $15 send out a server wide message for any game related advertisement
/Y : YELL, longer range local chat
/W : Whisper, very short range local chat
/ME : Roleplay, for your inner weeb and making others feel uncomfortable
/PM [name] : Private message, sends messages to specified person only
/R : Reply to last recieved PM
/O : Organization, sends messages to all members of your org
/B : Broadcast, used to send out server wide messages as mayor
/911 : Emergency Call, sends out emergency call to all government employees
/RADIO : Government chat, send messages to any gov't official
/PLAYED : Displays your time played​
U ("messagemode2"): Org chat
Z (undo) : Interacts with radio/TV and opens the mayor menu
LEFT ALT(+walk) : When in government vehicles turns on and off lights, when used in conjunction with shift it changes the mode the lights are in
R(+reload) : When in government vehicles turns on and off sirens, when used in conjunction with shift it changes the mode the sirens are in
F4 ("gm_showspare2") : When used on another player sends out a trade request

Buying a Property

To purchase a property you'll have to visit the Bank of America in the city. Once there speak to the NPC furthest from the door, select the property of your choice (as long as it isn't already owned), and hit the button all the way at the bottom that also displays the price of the property. The property is now yours to do what you'd like with.
Remember you can always sell back the property for the half of the purchase cost.

Buying a Car

Hopefully if you've progressed to the point where you're considering buying a car you won't need to read this, but I know there are plenty of special people out there so I'll explain anyways. To purchase a car you'll have to make your way to Big Bill Hell's Used Cars ( take a right out of city and follow that road until you reach it). Speak to the NPC on the second level in the back to make your purchase. Make sure to take a look at the number of seats, top speed, and the price before deciding what car you want.

Spawning Your Car

Once you've finally purchased a car you'll have to spawn it to take it out for a drive. There are a few places located around the map where you can spawn cars.
  • The Garage in town
  • Car dealership
  • BP near the suburbs
Be careful as your car can be broken into and stolen!

Customizing You Car

Now that you've got a sweet new ride, you can take it over to Midas in Industrial to make it unique to you. Just drive onto one of the lifts and it will open the customization menu. You can change the paint style, color, and modify the body panels. Each one of these different customizations cost 10% of the cars price.​
Guns and Ammo

Guns are absolutely necessary during your stay on the server, without them you are helpless and cannot defend yourself. You can acquire them either by crafting them or buying them from other players shops.

Each gun DOES NOT come with ammo, that will either have to be bought/crafted separately. Be careful each different gun type (rifle/shotgun/smg/pistol) has its own corresponding ammo.

To equip, simply open your inventory (F3), and left click the gun and its corresponding ammo.

The most common thing I see a new player on the server say is "What do I do?". In the most boiled down sense the game mode revolves around making money, and there are a couple different avenues to earn it.

New players earn a welfare check of $150 for their first 12 hours of playtime. Paychecks come in every 180 seconds. Once the 12 hours are up you are on your own to make some cash
  • Manufacture drugs (weed/shrooms)
  • Become a Government official (Mayor, Cop, Firefighter, Medic)
  • Open a shop and sell items
  • Raiding (This is not always profitable, but can be)
  • Blowjobs
It is up to you to decide what you'd like to do, and I'll go through the methods just so you have some idea of what to do.

The bread and butter of money making is producing illicit drugs, as of now there is marijuana and shrooms available for cultivation. They are pretty independent processes so I'll cover them separately.

Be warned, there is definitely risk involved in growing. Players can always raid you if they choose to, and the police can raid you with proper evidence and a warrant. So remember keep anything illegal out of sight.


The more AFK of the two, this is the more reliable drug. It can be grown anywhere, indoors, outdoors, doesn't matter. There is a limit of 5 pots that can grown at one time per player and takes 15 minutes to grow. It grows in three stages:
  1. No outline, as a seedling the weed cannot be picked up until it reaches the second stage of growth
  2. White outline,halfway done and can be picked up but will most likely result in destroying the plant. On pick up you'll receive your planter and have a minute chance of receiving weed and seeds.
  3. Green outline, fully grown ready to harvest. When picked up you'll receive your planter, 2-5 weed, and 0-2 seeds.
To get started you'll need some supplies:
  • 5 planters, which can be purchased at the homegoods store behind the main shops
  • 5 seeds minimum, 10-25 recommended due to varying return rates on seeds. Seeds can be bought from the drug dealer located at the bus stop across from BK
Then you'll need a place to keep it safe while its growing. Either you can purchase a property and grow in it or "stealth grow" as in finding a secluded spot and hoping no one comes along.

Deciding which method of growing is best for you is up to you. If you're growing solo and think you can be all sneaky beaky like then give stealth growing a shot. If you and some buddies want to grow together buying a property is probably your best option. It enables you to all defend the drugs as a group which can be made even more effective through cading. Even though homes are safer it makes you a target of raids. Always be ready for someone to try and break in and kill you.

Once you have everything you need you simply open your inventory and left click a planter then left click a seed to start a grow; repeat 4 more times to plant all 5. Defend your plants until they turn green and press e to harvest and reap your rewards.

An easier method to planting your weed is to bind dropping both on one key. Do this by entering bind [key] "perp_ui planter;perp_ui seeds" into the console.

After you've grown to your hearts content you can sell your new product back to the same dealer for some sweet cash money, but he may not always be buying. If not check back in 10 minutes and hopefully he will be. Each bag is worth $125 each.


The more volatile of the two, shrooms are fast money and die fast. They can only be grown only in dirt which thoroughly limits your safe places to grow them, and have to be watched carefully. There is a limit of 15 shrooms growing at one time per player taking 5 minutes to grow. It grows in three stages:
  1. Freshly planted just budding out of the ground, cannot be picked up until it reaches its second stage of growth
  2. White outline, currently has a chance of sporing, producing a new shroom somewhere in the relative vicinity
  3. Green outline, fully grown and needs to be picked up ASAP, once it reaches this stage it will die and disappear in 30 seconds
To get started all you'll need is 15 starting shrooms which can be purchased from the drug dealer.

Finding a place to grow these isn't as easy though, as there are limited properties with safe outdoor areas to grow and if they are visible from anywhere you will be warranted and raided by police. So you'll have to be a bit more creative for this one.

Once you've found a spot where you want to plant them do the same as we did with the weed. Open your inventory and left click to plant. Keep a close eye on them and pick when green, be careful they'll die faster than you'd expect.

An easier method to putting down your shrooms is to bind it to a key. Do this by entering bind [key] "perp_ui shroom" into the console.

These are also sold back to the dealer once harvested, and are worth $100 each.

I've got more to come with some screenies but will have to say that's all for tonight, stay tuned for more
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I take my hat off to you for taking the time to write one of these.
It does get a bit annoying with the amount of new players asking all of the same questions over and over again so to just be able to link them to this would be very handy!


Server Administrator
You forgot to include the /r (reply to most recent pm), /b (mayor broadcast), and /w (whisper) chat commands.