A few property related suggestions.

I know this was already done to an extent, but why on earth is Cub Foods 10k? Here's a few I think should be adjusted

- Cub foods (no more than 5k imo)

- Pool (i honestly think this should be raised with how OP it is)

- Izzies (should be pretty cheap imo)

- Lake house (maybe 3k tops)

- Water treatment plant (no real reason for this to be 8k)

- MTL (i think this should be lowered to about 6k. Or possibly make the gate public property and sell each building individually? Not sure if this is possible)

- Radio station (maybe 2k tops, really nobody uses this place)

- Warehouse (1.5k seems fair imo, somewhat difficult to cade with current prop limits and the fucking ladders are the worst)

- Depot / chop shop (think these should be raised to about 1.5 - 2k each, super good shroom spot if you have cades and easy to defend)

Also, there should be a feature that somehow prevents people from buying homes and going afk when they get off to own the place for ages. This is a huge issue with Pool in particular, as kids will own it literally all night and not even be using it.

Also, as far as I know it is allowed for cops to see shrooms / contraband over walls in third person while driving and get a warrant for it. Why is this? Doesnt really make sense to me, as it seems like it should be metagaming. Correct me if im wrong on this as I'm not positive.
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All of the properties are in a weird spot right now. I'm waiting a bit longer to get some more spread in my stats and then I will figure out what properties are the most popular and how long they are owned, etc.

Also there is a post somewhere on here that I mentioned a rent system for properties rather than just buying it outright. That is my solution to long term property holders.

Allowing the cops to see drugs over walls is because you can't actually enforce that without a huge shitshow of excuses and complaining from the people involved. You can't expect an admin to actually figure out what happened.

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Regarding MTL, it needs better security. It's supposed to be a big fuckoff building for big orgs, yet with all it's fencing people can just hop over the bar along the front. Yes there's doors and whatnot but there's a lot of ground to cover. Probably discourages buying it.

WTP is different because the only grow-able place is at the back, making the place easier to defend.