1. UCLA[Bruins].KyrieKyie

    Game Changes and Job Suggestion.

    Mayor's BODYGUARD. To protect the mayor from goons trying to assassinate the mayor so. Mayor can choose who is the bodyguard and bodyguard should have 150 hp and strong firearms. also, a car for the mayor and the bodyguards. yes. I know is kinda utterly stupid. EMS Changes. *might be bad or...
  2. Sir Slothington IV

    Questions about warrants and evidence

    A lot of times I see people get search warrants because of stupid reasons. Today I got a search warrant (I was a firefighter at the time) because there was a dead cop outside my door in Tides. I think a few things need to be made clear and posted to the rules thread. 1. Can you warrant someone...
  3. Fango

    Easier Mayor Laws

    /laws - display a list of all the mayor's laws. numbered in order of adding. /addlaw (text) - (mayor only) add a law to the list of /laws /removelaw (number) - (mayor only) remove a law from /laws /editlaw (number) (text) - (mayor only) edits the law (number) to the text inputted in (text)...