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  1. DR.RAGE

    @Phantom where's our discord server >:9

    @Phantom where's our discord server >:9
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    yeet. Hey Phantom you hear of S&Box at all?
  3. DR.RAGE

    Will ExiledRP ever come back?

    Honestly make stuff a little easier to get (props and what not) also less burnable. That way basing is less expensive and less of a gamble. Make things more fun (cheaper). One of the most successful servers I played, everyone was packing at all times (n00bonic plague). This way people are less...
  4. DR.RAGE

    Will ExiledRP ever come back?

    ALRIGHT MOTHER FUCKERS, LET'S DO IT ALL AGAIN, BUT LET'S DO IT RIGHT. I used to make the joke with Peppar all the time like 3 years ago. It was "Perp 2018", the joke being that we didn't actually think it would take that long. But we are. Let's get a community manager, let's not have a shit...
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    love you too bad santa

    love you too bad santa
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    Will ExiledRP ever come back?

    This^^ might be worth a try yolo as the kids say
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    ..and I thought, my jokes were bad

    ..and I thought, my jokes were bad
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    stop fucking posting applications

    Hi, I want to be admin age - 12 but i can act oldr if u want me too reason i think this server is good another reason - io ha sometimes have down syndrome, haha it's ok, that was a joke i dont actually have down syndrome how often i play - every fucking god damn day.
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    Drop price of fire extinguisher? That would encourage people to defend more often? Weed should also definitely be more profitable for how hard it is. Gotta buy a building, buy guns, ammo, props and fire extinguisher to defend.
  11. DR.RAGE

    Beginner's Guide

    Now we need someone to make a post for all binds. Good guide.
  12. DR.RAGE

    Weed/shrooms timer

    Awesome dude. Here's my suggestion Let me have multiple shroom timers, cus those fuckers multiply.
  13. DR.RAGE

    Interview with Phantom

    Very well written. Good read.
  14. DR.RAGE

    pls admn make car cost less 2 paint

    Weed prices should correlate percentage wise somehow with the amount of times nigger is said in that month.
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    Sadistic Slayor and His Truck

  16. DR.RAGE

    Raids with Mayor [VIDEO]

    Trickyy is a nutjob. He easily is and always has been the funniest player.
  17. DR.RAGE

    Raids with Mayor [VIDEO]

    Had some fun with trickyy and giant cop unit.
  18. DR.RAGE

    We're back!

    Shiiiiiiiit, sad my 2018 release date didn't come true.
  19. DR.RAGE

    2 0 1 2

    2 0 1 2