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  1. Phantom

    Dlx <3's hacks

  2. Phantom

    Official Rules Thread

    General Rules Do not randomly kill other players (RDM). Do not break the New Life Rule (NLR). NLR is when you interfere with events that happened before your death. You must wait 5 minutes after you respawn before you may return to the area of your death. You cannot be called back to the...
  3. Phantom

    VOTE NOW - POLL: Preventing prop climb/boosting with player clips

    We have a conundrum. Currently, players can climb over fences using vehicles, props, or other players heads. While all of these methods are illegal, it obviously still happens. There are two options to solving the problem, which are in the poll above. Option 1: Create playerclips, which are...
  4. Phantom

    We're back!

    So, as I promised, we are back just a few weeks after we first went down! Ha, yeah right... But we are back for real, and we actually have some really awesome things to bring to you! We have spent the last 3 years (sue me) working on bringing PERP back to you all, better than we ever had it...