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    Will ExiledRP ever come back?

    Praise be to the Fornax
  3. Sadistic Slayer

    Will ExiledRP ever come back?

    BEHOLD THE FORNAX pls welcome him to our humble community
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    Will ExiledRP ever come back?

    Or we could just complain about the lockpick endlessly then after it's numerous tweaks no one can decide if it's too fast or too slow because all reference of what it should be like has been lost. The interaction could definitely be changed entirely. Maybe lock you in place, make you infinitely...
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    Update your status...

    Update your status...
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    I'm not the only one(BAN HELP)

    Usually when someone complains in OOC that they got CarDM'ed like 50/50 of these are intentional. Most of the time said person who is "CarDM'ing everyone" has maybe one or two kills with a car over a couple hour timespan. So I spectate whoever is complaining in OOC instead. About half the time...
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    Giant problem

    That was his first ban, I'll happily ban with multitudes of length if he doesn't get the point. He's not a very bright kid and thinks he's my best friend, it'll get sorted out quick and everyone knows he causes trouble now.
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    Download Freezes

    I added the nodegraph to the workshop addon, you shouldn't be requesting the file from the server anymore. Now you'll just hang on "Workshop Complete" most likely now lol.
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    Police Cars / Skins

    This kind of stuff is why I tell people to never sub to any workshop addons, ever. Any server which asks or requires you to download and sub to addons is beyond subpar and can't even manage to handle putting workshop addfiles into a autorun/server file at the minimum. Unsub from whatever...
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    Download Freezes

    If it happens when you join other servers as well you might as well start with the "FactoryReset-GMod.bat" which is in your garrysmod folder. Then verify your games, make sure your video drivers are up to date and check that any content you have mounted in the game is from a game which has had...
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    Download Freezes

    That's a file which is automatically added to the downloadlist by the engine, I'll have to mess around with it and see if adding it to the map workshop addon will solve clients requesting the file despite it not being needed or if it will have to be added as the only file on a downloadurl. This...
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    Gmod racer

    None of that would be difficult to fix, I'm positive anyone could go back through the gamemode and change stuff like that. If I recall they may have even fixed the CalcView cam pos hook from the jeep customization menu, that's something I never even bothered to do on mine after it broke in like...
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    Gmod racer

    There was a recent reincarnation of it like a year or two ago
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    Police Paycheck

    If you arrest someone or pick up drugs at least once in like 10-15 minutes you're already making more
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    How to craft ammo for weapons/lockpicks.

    You're missing the stove, it's the last crafting table that you're missing.
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    Gmod racer

    It's not broken on the current engine, the gamemode is just incredibly broken from gmod updates over the years. Orange Cosmos I think had a version of it working really well a little while ago since GM13 but I have no idea what ever happened to that server/community.
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    I need help with the map.

    The map is downloaded via the workshop, if you're not downloading the map then you're not downloading anything else. Make sure that your cl_downloadfilter is set to "all". Sometimes the workshop goes down so waiting an hour or so can sometimes fix it since the steam servers aren't quite as good...
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    The AK is statistically the AK from old perp from what Phantom says. Where it was also like 1/3rd of the price and functionally like 1/5th of the price. It's not getting made more expensive, the weapon statistics can and will be re-balanced at some point. I've been talking about some ideas I...
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    Mapping Suggestion and Complaints Megathread

    I don't like the idea of having people spawning in farms, it's a ugly unfinished section of the map and I don't want people focusing on it. I figured the Sinclairs could be a VIP car shop down the road or something but after VIP rolls out it could become a shop since it's inviting, easy to park...
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    Bug Megathread