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  1. Jon

    First Shitpost Appreciation Thread Let's appreciate @Nazo on this day, and remember him forever for being the first shit threader on new exiled. This is for you Nazo! May it kindly fit in your anus.
  2. Jon


    it's high noon round here boizz
  3. Jon


    I remember you. Yeah welcome back to Exiled, here's a picture of the active community!
  4. Jon

    This was truly one of the best DarkRP servers

    No, this is bait.
  5. Jon

    true scottish funeral for dead server

  6. Jon

    true scottish funeral for dead server

  7. Jon

    Last ban 17 days ago at time of posting this thread.

    This is bad. You have a 10/10 game mode but you don't listen to the community. Cars are too expensive, stuff is too expensive and too long to grind for. Ain't nobody got time for that. Make the gamemode and the grind fair. Even the guys who nolifed it stop playing now. Do you think people want...
  8. Jon

    so this is dead now?

    dead af
  9. Jon

    teach me the ways

    teach me the ways
  10. Jon

    *speaks japanese* silence infidel

    *speaks japanese* silence infidel
  11. Jon

    come on can we get some cucktivity please

    come on can we get some cucktivity please
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  13. Jon


  14. Jon

    stop fucking posting applications

    You'd make a solid admin tbh, but are the admins even on enough to make solid recommendations? lol
  15. Jon

    Gun play

    git gud
  16. Jon

    I'm out, how do I cancel subscription?

    Can you explain why they're so much more higher than in old PERP then, the reasoning behind it would be good. If it's to simply make people grind harder then fair enough your choice.
  17. Jon

    rip server

    23/100, fucking nooice! yeah boiii, during the week it's like 4 at UK time ;(
  18. Jon

    The Re:sure erection plan

    Okay, I was aware they'd easily be caught again, but if you don't want to attempt to inflate numbers temporarily that's cool. Cars are the main issue IMO.
  19. Jon

    The Re:sure erection plan

    It's just a game, if they want to cheat again they will and get banned ez. I'd rather have the server full of hackers then empty anyway.
  20. Jon

    The Re:sure erection plan

    1) Add a different method of punishment for rule breakers. We have low numbers as it is, at some points there are one too many bans!!!! Seriously guys don't wack your ban stick so easily, you have time to find out what happened, it's rare to find a reckless minge on the server yet some people...