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    Raiding Balance Suggestions

    Just thinking about #2 I remember the playboy bunnies constantly raiding me and throwing mollies at my props just to be cunts. I don't mean to stir anything up even though it clearly looks like I am just thought I would share my memories.
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    CDM rule stricter or additional rule

    I don't know if you see this but I see a lot of people getting banned for CDM lately.
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    Help Fill My Curiosity...

    I don't really agree with how Bad Santa went about it though. He should of confronted him and actually talked to him PMing somebody doesn't really get the full story.
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    Fishing + rule suggestion

    If anyone has ever played Black Desert Online we should make fishing just like that everyone AFK's at the lake farming endless amounts of money for fish.
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    Sadistic Slayor and His Truck

    She's beautiful whats her name?
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    Sadistic Slayor and His Truck

    I've heard Sadistic has a new truck now if my donations are going to be going toward his payment then I'm going to need a photo of this truck.
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    Great, It's Ethan!

    I see what you did there :)
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    AFK Kicker

    Unfortunately you're right if you look at SuperiorServers they allow their citizens to AFK and it must be like 50 people AFK and like 50 people playing it sucks for people who are actually playing but it can help boost popularity.
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    Mapping Suggestion and Complaints Megathread

    How about we put a side walk in the main tunnel and maybe some poles to block the constant CDM.
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    Bug Megathread

    Priority: Low Brief description: Sometimes the shops text doesn't display what the person is selling and the price Steps to reproduce: Not sure how to reproduce this but it happened to me when the server had a huge lag spike. Console errors/screenshots/additional notes:
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    AFK Kicker

    They said they didn't care if people idled as a civilian but it would be nice if it was automated for the other jobs.
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    It's Always Sunny in ExiledServers -Pilot Preview (Unoffical)

    I laughed when I saw the name nerd virgin. Reminded me of some people in Exiled.
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    No more crouch cades

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    Org Tax

    I feel like orgs could be a big part considering in any other version of PERP they don't really contribute much besides just having a name above your head for about 5-10k. I was going to suggest like some sort of turf war but I feel like it would be cancer.
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    Cops reloadable ammo.

    I mean if you think about it the pay check for cop is good plus you make money from the guns you take from civs and the contraband.