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    What the fuck did you do ? I'm confused

    What the fuck did you do ? I'm confused
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    Cop overhaul

    Talk to the police NPC, then click on "what happened to the SWAT" then read ! As for the police chief, I like the idea but this would be a major change in the gameplay. Might be too big for now since the server is just starting.
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    Shotguns and Armor on police.

    The force of the police isn't the firepower. It's the medic/cop duo plus the fact that cops can call backup. As Chippy said, I rarely see a gang being able to sustain the police force indefinitely. of course, at first the gang will destroy the police force but as soon as a gang member dies, he's...
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    Reward for raiding.

    imo, raiding is meant to be fun/challenging. As someone said in another post, raiding never was and never will be a good source of money. If they made the weed that way, there's probably a good reasoning behind it !
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    VOTE NOW - POLL: Preventing prop climb/boosting with player clips

    You can't grow shrooms in the gardens of subs because there is a hill where you can see over the fence. Cops will warrant you pretty fast ! But for the actual poll, I'd say the invisible wall is the best option you guys could choose. It will reduce the butthurt caused by rulebreakers and also...